Community Response Team (CRT) online referral form

The CRT team coordinator will review online referrals to ensure:

  1. The person being referred is eligible for service.
  2. The referral issue is sufficiently described to determine suitability for CRT services.

The coordinator will follow-up if there are deficiencies in any of the areas. Referrals that are deemed to be outside of the scope of CRT services may be declined at this stage. Prior to declining a referral, the person that has made the submission will be contacted to discuss the referral issue in detail. If the decision to decline remains, the rationale will be explained to the referring party.

Accepted referrals will be placed on a pending list until a clinician becomes available. The amount of time spent on the pending list is variable, depending on existing clinician caseloads and the volume of referrals being received. Wait times can range from several weeks to several months.

Person being referred
Who is making this referral?
Primary care contact
Community inclusion service agency
Community involvement
Services requested and background information
What services are being requested?
Consent and witness